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omg – I agree with Trump. Someone punch me please

I really think Trump is extremely dangerous.
So I am terrified to admit that I do agree with him (omg) on one point at least. He is quoted saying “Islam hates us” talking to CNN in NY. Then argues his thesis by saying that Islam is characterized, in part, because of “the great contempt ” towards the Western world, and this inevitably makes it “very difficult to separate” the religion from radical Islam.
As much as I personally despise him, I must agree.

It is owed to – here it comes again – political correctness that it is frowned upon to consider it at least possible that in their mosques the muslims do actually not like the west just like many of us don’t like them. Cmon, be honest. They are strange to us as we are to them and it takes education, broadmindedness and self control to keep this primal fear of the strange at bay. It is an intellectual feat and not everyone is good at this.
That is a problem.

By the way, ever been to China? They don’t really “like” us either. They envy some liberties and wealth (money and power are very important in China) but our culture, the “who we are” does not impress them.

Reutlingen 24.7.16

So this is a crime of passion? (As officials are quick to proclaim)
And had it happened at home it would be domestic violence?
But what if – just think – the upbringing of this young man in the muslim faith did influence his behaviour. Would this then suddenly be an islamistic background?
It’s time to cut the crap. One and a half billion people are at this very minute being taught rules of behaviour and laws from the darkest middle ages and all we do is say: Aw, cmon, its only religion. Thats holy. And they are sensible that way. Lets better not rock the boat.

Of course it’s not only the muslims who obviously from their own statements have such a bad moral compass that they need a book to tell them not to kill their neighbors. For heaven’s sake. Every bloody hen or tortoise or even an ant is smart enough not to kill his kin.
And we do have better rules nowadays!
It is not as if we had not learned.
Just simply “don’t inflict upon others what you don’t want done to you” is a far better moral compass than “Thou shalt have no other gods beside me”. And I am by no means a philosopher.

Reutlingen 24.7.16

Geradezu mit Erleichterung stellen die Behörden fest daß es sich in Reutlingen erneut nicht um eine mit “Islamistischen” Hintergrund begangene Tat handelt sondern schlicht um einen eskalierten Streit. Ok.
Wie bzw. was ist nun wenn ein Mann seine Frau halb tot schlägt ohne dazu auf die Sraße zu gehen. Häusliche Gewalt? OK. Und wenn der Mann nun Muslim ist und der Grund der Prügel die Sharia? Ist das immer noch kein “islamistischer” Hintergrund sondern “nur” häusliche Gewalt? Wo ist denn nun diese offenbar so wichtige Grenze?